Second Life: Finding Photographers

I keep looking for ways to find great photos of Second Life™ in Flickr. I am slowly learning how to find artists I have no clue exist.

Regrets in a lost world

Regrets in a lost world

I’ve been trying to see how one sees the new images in groups I have joined. I’ve Googled and dug through the Flickr HELP. No joy. People seem to think it is not possible. May be those that know how think it so basic everyone knows.

Then one day I am on the Flickr home page. I usually am looking at ALL ACTIVITY. That seems to show all the new stuff from people I Follow. This day I wanted to look at one of the groups I had put some images in and clicked GROUPS. Clicking Groups on my page and Groups on the Home page bring up VERY different pages. Poof! There is all the new stuff in the groups I follow (joined). Way neat.

Flickr Home Page Menu

I am finding a huge diversity of art now. Lots of people I would likely never come across post to varous groups I follow/join. People are not real good about getting the right image in the right group, which helps if one isn’t looking for a specific thing. It takes the moderators time to catch misplaced images. So, things do get mixed and the same images often appear in several different groups, at least for a short time if not indefinitely.

Maximum Effort -

Maximum Effort –

Some images are visually artistic, like the first image. Others, like this second image, are more a mix of visual and message content.

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