Second Life Bits 2017 w12

Second Life™ Photo Contest

Inara tells us about Filling the Cauldron, a photo contest open to everyone. See her article for the details.

City corners 3

City corners 3

In ‘cauldron’ related news Prim Dolls provides information of a more personal nature. Elicio Ember’s father is fighting to recover from a stroke. So, there is a benefit event. See: Ember’s Cauldron: Welcome! Stores from all over the grid are involved. 

SciFi Portal

The Firestorm team has posted a wiki page about their gateway SciFi Portal (Map URL). Gateways are of growing interest to those providing experiences. They allow one to register people in Second Life from their web site and have them teleport into their region/experience. See: Firestorm Gateway SciFi Portal.

Kokua OpenSim

Kokua release is out for OpenSim users. This is a branch off the version 4.0.2 made for use on the SL grid. The OpenSim version can log into SL. But, it does not support Bento or Jelly Dolls. See: Kokua OpenSim Viewer Released.

Summer of Code

Google is sponsoring Summer of Code 2017. Blender Nation is pointing people to the application process. See: Applications are open.


Most people are using 3G and 4G phones. The #G refers to the generation of cell phone data transfer. Intel is telling us about the coming roll out of 5G tech, which means another new phone will be needed. See: Excitement Builds at 5G Nears Commercial Deployment.

You may not realize that better wireless cell network speed is needed for driverless cars, buses, etc.

Silicon Valley VR 2017

SVVR 2017 is coming. See: Next Week’s SVVR 2017 Expo.

One thought on “Second Life Bits 2017 w12

  1. Thanks for the mention; just a small clarification:

    Filling the Cauldron is a week log event, of which the photo contest is but a part. There is also live and DJ entertainment, an art display, auctions, market stalls, and a special “mini store” for Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

    The entire event, from April 1st through April 9th inclusive, is to raise money to help Elicio and his family. Full details are here: Filling the Cauldron.

    We also carry information on Ember’s Cauldron as well, and the HUD for that event will be available at Filling the Cauldron.

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