Free Avastar Avatar File

It took me a while to find this file. I just stumbled across it. Like previous versions of Avastar had a free ‘workbench’ file for non-Avastar users there is a similar file now for Fitted Mesh. See: Machinimatrix Fitted Mesh Survival Kit.

Free Avastar Collision Bones Blender File

Free Avastar Collision Bones Blender File

This file looks complex if you haven’t seen an Avastar file before. Gaia Clary has a text object in the ‘blend’ file that explains the file’s layout. When you open the blend file load the UI (box in ‘file open’ usually checked by default)  to see a layout like I show in the image above. This will expose the more important parts of the file.

The Tool Shelf section I labeled ‘A’ is an Avastar feature. The Properties Panel on the right that I have labeled ‘B’ is a standard Blender panel that does the same things. ‘A’ is a shortcut for ‘B’ that makes things more intuitive for Avastar users.

Any Blender user without Avastar can do anything an Avastar user can. But, it is going to take way less learning and far fewer clicks with Avastar. So, the text section gives non-Avastar users the information supplied by section ‘A’.


Avastar does have a modified Collada export that does a number of translations for you to create a SL compatible Collada file. You have to walk that mine field if you do a plain Blender Collada export.

11 thoughts on “Free Avastar Avatar File

    • can you please re direct me to the link for download??
      because from what my browsers showing me here there is no link for download..
      cheers ppl

        • no. it is not.

          the only link in the first paragrah is see:

          is the only link and it is for the mesh kit, not avastar which is not free. its 27$

          • You are confused. Never said AvaStar was free. The AvaStar avatar called workbench is free.

  1. Am trying to use this file and I’ve made a basic test t-shirt, using this video:

    When trying to actually (rig?) link the t-shirt to the bones the right side menu doesn’t match what the guy in the video has, nor what you have. The skeleton and bones just aren’t there or I’m not doing something right.

    I understand this post says how we can do things without buying Avastar. How can I get in blender, with the file provided, what you have in your image in this post?

    If it helps, this is what I have so far, having worked with the file you linked

    • You are using a weak tutorial. I suggest you watch some of these:

      The Blender-AvaStar group in world is a great source of information and help.

      • Well the tutorial did work for teaching me how to make the t-shirt, as I had zero blender experience before.

        The rigging part is next, to get how that is done. My tutorial and also both of your tutorials just show how that is done with Avastar, not with the fitted mesh file you have here, nor with Avatar Workbench.

        So again, if any blender user can do what an Avastar user can, then HOW?

        Still no clear tutorial on that yet.

        • You are over thinking it… making it complicated. Weight painting is weight painting, AvaStar or no AvaStar. With it you have some nice tools. Without it you can get by with what Blender provides, as most of he Blender users do.

          Google: Blender weight painting. Limit the results to the last year.

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