Second Life: New Community Site – How to Use

The SL Blog, Forum, Knowledge Base, Answers, and other parts of the “Community” web site are up and running. See: Welcome to Our New Community Platform! While this isn’t a tutorial, it will give you some tips and probably save you some time.

Community Site Home Page 3/2017

The thinking is the new HOME page provides more information about what is happening in the community. The Blog, Forums, Events, and more are supposed to be easier to find. Well, the Home page has a synopsis of the latest SL Blog post, the most recent SL Forum post, and the Flickr picture of the day… I don’t consider this page particularly revealing as to what is happening in Second Life™. I am curious how helpful you think the page is? 

A lot has changed in this new forum. Those of us that have grown accustomed to the old site and how to use it are struggling to adapt to the changes. Some like it. Some like myself are still annoyed. I’ll adapt and I am finding things I like.

In just a day I have learned how to do most of things I want to do.

Community Site Forum – 3/2017

The biggest change is everything is broken into categories. Much more so than previously. The categories are pretty much the same. But, things you do, have to start in the right category. Also, looking for things has to be by category.

Search is messed up. A JIRA BUG report has been filed to get that corrected. But, it is why I say you have be in the right category.

Search within the forum is greatly improved and search options are easier to apply. The first thing you see after a search is “Didn’t find what you were looking for…” message, which doesn’t mean the search failed. However, I found It misleading as other parts of SL searches put that message up when nothing is found. But, there are results, you need to scroll down to see them… depending on your browser and its window size.

The SUPPORT link at the bottom of the site’s pages take you to some odd ANSWERS-page that doesn’t work. I filed a JIRA bug report on that.

There is a second page… link below.

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