Second Life: New Community Site – How to Use

Answers has changed, display and arrangement. The category part of the page takes up about 80% of the Answers main page width and the actual questions getting 20% of width. Actually, all the various section pages of the site do that. The category SL Viewer Basic Mode from 2014 has a prominent place on the Answers page… (fixed now)

Community Site Answers – 3/2017

Only the most recent post (not the most recent question) in each Answers category displays on the Main Answers page and just one. One must click into the category, on the left, to see other questions and often is required to find the opening post-question. Clicking on the link in the right of the page takes one to the most recent post, not the question or top of thread. Seems awkward. May be that is why the category takes up 80% of the page, a hint to click there.

The Unread Content page is interesting (Activity). I may find it the most interesting and useful. Also, the link to the NEXT UNREAD TOPIC is handy. You’ll find it at the bottom right of the page.

SL Community Site – Handy link for reading through site.

IMAGES: When the site opened, we were not able to upload images. Now we can. It seems a bit odd that we have no choice on whether to ‘attach’ or ‘insert’ the image to-in the post.

You can also grab Flickr’s SHARE code (e.g., https :// ) and just paste it into the post. The system figures out how to display the image.

If you want to add a Flickr image as MEDIA… it gets bit complex. The media field requires a direct link to the JPG/image file. You can dig it out of the EMBED or BBC CODE. If it doesn’t like the entry or cannot find the image from the URL you provide, the field and box it is in turn red.

Profile Image: Our profile images did not come across, at least those we uploaded. For sure mine didn’t. So, I uploaded a new one. There is nice image edit panel for your profile in this site.

SL Community Site Profile Image Size

Now that we can upload images, you would think we can select from those we upload, nope. You can only select from images your computer (upload), at a URL, on Gravatar, or no image.

Don’t worry too much about image size. I suggest you tend toward a square image and 256×256 or larger. It looks like they will shrink it down in all cases.

Image Size: As best I can tell there is no size control for images. The display at 100% or the max width for the page. If you notice in the formatting bar when writing a post, there is a magnifying glass icon at the right end. Click on it and you can see how your post will look on a; desktop, tablet, or phone.

If you are including images, you’ll see them resized to fit the screen as you select a device.

Community Site Editing Format Bar

Signatures: These are turned off by default. You turn them on and create your signature in Account settings. Up in the upper right of the page to the right of your name click the drop down and select Account Settings. From there, select Signature. Look for the button to enable them.


The new site is different and will take some getting used to. I do think it is a better site. Having the sections (Home, Forum…) choices take you directly to categories probably makes it easier to get to the right place.

I haven’t heard a lot of screaming. So, it may be accepted as generally an improvement. Whatever, I doubt there is any going back.

I do wonder if Sansar is going to get a copy of this forum software. I suspect Sansar will have its own community site. I doubt they will mix us together. That would be too confusing for many people.

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