Second Life News 2017 w11


Now that the SL Forum is back we are getting the Deploy notices.



There was no update on the main channel this Tuesday. Wednesday the RC channels got a new package. This in the same line as previous packages:

  • Added a new internal logging output
  • Changes to increase stability and security

We can assume that previous logging is leading to places where code can be optimized and processes improved. But, we aren’t hearing much more than that. 

The Lindens are testing the server changes that move downloading of audio and animation assets off the region servers and on to the CDN system.


The current default main viewer is version Last week it was version However, I don’t recall the update. My copy of the main viewer is still However, it has downloaded an update that will install the next time I launch the viewer.

Looking at the new release notes, I find this version is a Hot Fix for email snapshots. Otherwise the notes read the same as version

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No update. On hold while Alex Ivy is developed.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – This viewer also has not updated.

No new RC viewers have shown up. We know there are versions in the pipeline. They just haven’t popped out yet.

One of the coming viewers will support the transfer of additional assets via the CDN system.

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