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In my article AvaStar Tutorial: Adding the Slink Model to AvaStar I provide the steps to get the Slink Mesh Dev Model updated in AvaStar 2RC5. Slink has been handing out a model made with AvaStar 1.1.34. So, there are a lot of AvaStar updates between that and 2RC5. Enough so that 2RC5 can’t update that old a rig.


Nal: Mesh clothes make the…

I contacted both the AvaStar and Slink people in regard to getting the problem resolved. Siddean Munro, the creative behind Slink contacted me to say, 

Hiya, 🙂 sorry I was doing some chores! I’m glad to know you found the kit. I wanted to let you know I will be releasing a new kit shortly with AvaStar 2 ready meshes, and there was one part of your blog entry that I wanted to clarify – when creators apply, they should apply for all of the kits they want – that is why we changed the form to ask what they create, rather than what kits they want because most of the time people don’t know what kits they need for what they do, and we do! 🙂

The kits are sent inworld and via email, and most people get all the kits they applied for. The only exception will be if they have no mesh items in the store, we do a little more digging for evidence that they are creating mesh.

So, I would like it if you could amend that part a little. We would prefer people not apply for the kits one at a time as it puts a lot more overhead on my already overworked team! And it could result in duplicate kits and more confusion 🙂

I had applied for all the kits I wanted in January, just before I went into the hospital with pneumonia. My Gmail has some features (annoyances) to separate email. I missed the arrival of the Mesh and Applier Kits due to my being away and not understanding how Gmail was ‘helping’ when I got back.

Last month re-requesting kits I caught the Applier kit in-world and again missed the Mesh kit arriving at Gmail. When I again requested the Mesh kit, which to the Slink people was the third time, things begin to evolve. I begin to dig and examine how my Outlook was picking up my Gmail. Oh my, what a mess.

While it had looked like I was getting one kit at a time to me, my Gmail/Outlook system was happily filing things in neat categories that I ignored as it didn’t occur to me Slink’s email would get classed by Gmail and my Outlook rules as it did.

So, I’m making this post and revising the previous article to say, ask for all the Slink kits you want when you first ask.

…and my apologies for getting it wrong.

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  2. …a model made with AvaStar 1.1.34. So, there are a lot of AvaStar updates between that and 2RC5. Enough so that 2RC5 can’t update that old a rig…

    If Avastar is not capable to update a rig then this as a good reason to tell us about that problem and if ever possible provide test data so we can find out what is going on and either fix the documentation or the Tools (or both if that applies)…

    Of course it is also wonderful when users start digging into the issues and find workarounds! indeed we appreciate that. Workarounds often contain indications for what is actually going wrong, which helps us to fix things faster — as long as we get informed about the workarounds 🙂

  3. ah, i just read through your tutorial, and i found it basically correct when it comes to “update the rig”. All you wrote is perfectly clear and i wouldn’t write it much different. Maybe i would add a few “further information sections” but then that’s just me trying to explain about everything 🙂

    However… now i do no longer understand what you mean by the words “… Enough so that 2RC5 can’t update that old a rig. …” Because actually you have documented the exact way how the tool was meant to be used…

    • The 2RC5 cannot update the 1.1.34 rigs without the help of and update to 1.7.4 first.

      Said another way, 2RC5 cannot update 1.1.34 rigs only 1.7.4 and later rigs. There may be versions between 1.1.34 and 1.7.4 that 2RC5 will update. I didn’t try to test all of them.

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