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There just isn’t much news this last week. There was no Server-Scripting (Tuesday), Content Creators (Bento – Thursday), or Sever Beta (Thursday) user group meetings. Seems the Lindens are tasked with being at internal meetings this week. Or… they are out protesting Trump…



We do have a new RC Viewer in Alternate Viewers, the Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version

According to the release notes:

This viewer release includes several fixes to the Rendering pipeline (always a little scary). Please report all issues to us in Jira, we’ll be watching for them.

  • Improvement to mesh LOD calculation (account for CTRL+0)
  • Improvement: Agents that render as jelly dolls should have their attachments render at 0 LoD to prevent loading higher LoD complexity in memory thus deterring crashes -> debug setting RenderAutoMuteByteLimit has to be > default of 0 for this feature.
  • Bug: Mesh avatar deforms constantly – was due to bounding box / LOD swaps
  • Bug: Some mesh turned invisible when camera is moved – was caused by fix for MAINT-6125.
  • Bug: Setting one avatar to “Do not render” causes all avatars to become impostors


Fetish Fair – This is an event that runs from February 03 to February 17, 2017. The region allows 50 avatars (PAPAS – URL Maps). So, it is way laggy and WAY difficult to get into. I used Firestorm’s Region Tracker (Top menu: World) to get in. It took me until Friday the 10th to make it in. The place is popular 24 hours a day.

There are tools to get you in faster. They hammer the region continuously for a TP. They require region services and lag the target region. No one is sure how much. But, you’ll see the population drop below 50 and suddenly jump to 51 or 53 as some people make it in before the server can update and close the door. So, for a time the region will be extra laggy.

Using the Region Tracker places way less load on the target region. But, you’ll probably never beat those using the region hammers. Once those people have made it in and stopped hammering your chances improve.

Fetish Fair has some of the sexiest and elegant clothes that designers make. I think it is worth the effort to get in.

The model of this year’s poster is: Mara Charisma.

Fetish Fair 2017

The next likely as popular event will be Black Fashion Fair, black clothes not race. It runs from April 07 to April 21, 2017. The “WeDo SL Events” group is taking designer applications.

Kultivate Magazine is sponsoring-organizing the Spring Fashion Event, February 11 to 26, 2017. It will be in Water Haven (URL Maps). Its open now. So, I can wonder threw that place while I try to get back into Fetish Fair.

This event has a directory that will teleport you to the designer’s booth. I like that.

I describe the difference between the two events as Fetish is about minimal tight clothes and Spring is about fluffy clothes, foofoo.

Collabor88 is an ongoing series of monthly events. (URL – Maps) They close on the 7th of the month for a day, reopening sometime on the 8th. For the first few days the region is full of visitors.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: News, Bento…

  1. I wonder what the amount of lost sales are that Fetish Fair has. The fact that the great majority of people who would like to get in and can’t surely must have cost the designers in the thousands of dollars.

    • This is an unanswerable question. If there were thousands of people in the region, would the crowding be a turn off? I know it would be for me.

      With a limit at 50, the lag is bad enough.

      In marketing there is a thing about urgency, it sells. So, a two week event that is hard to get into creates an urgency. How much would sales decrease if the urgency were lost?

      I could keep adding various factors… but, we can’t get data on any of them.

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