Second Life News Update 2017 w05

The new package rolling out to the main grid’s RC channel has a fix that should make offline IMs and group notices a bit more reliable. That comes from Simon Linden. I didn’t see anything about it in the server version release notes.

The place where my dreams comes true

The place where my dreams comes true

There will be no Server/Scripting meeting next Tuesday (2/7). A Linden Lab meeting conflicts with the User Group time. Simon wasn’t giving us any information as to what the Linden meetings was about, other than it was NOT a feature summit. But, new features will likely be discussed at some point.

Simon says system upgrades have been a big issue and headache. I supposed those are network, hardware, and Linux upgrades.

Once again, the subject of NPC’s came up – Non-Player Characters. Simon thought it would be a fun project but also a realIy big one. About 30 minutes of the meeting was spent discussing NPC possibilities. But, I doubt the Lab will do anything with NPC’s in the foreseeable future. Too many other things to fix.

SVC-7250 came up, which is about vehicles bouncing at prim joints, a physics thing. We may see the SL moles replacing prim roads with mesh roads. There is a race circuit somewhere… the hope is it will get changed soon.

While the real hope is the prim physics will get fixed, changing out prims with mesh is a task the moles can do and no programmer time is needed.

A change to Key-value-pairs was put forward. The idea of having a date-time of the last time a KVP was changed would be helpful.

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