Second Life News 2017 w05


The main channel is getting a restart but, no new package.



Wednesday the RC channels will get a new package and be restarted.

The server changes are stated as: 

  • Follow up to fix BUG-3286 “Can’t move object” fail notifications
    • More cosmetic fixes pending
  • Enhanced logging
  • Minor internal server enhancements


Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This viewer has updated since last week ( It has a number of new features/behaviors and a couple of dozen fixes. Release Notes.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – This project is on hold while the Lab works on the 64-bit viewer.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – (64-bit version) No change since last week. The status of this viewer can be found in: Second Life Third-Party Dev News 2017 w04. TL:DR – There are a couple of problems being fixed that have held up any update.

Odd Bits

Adult: One of the more active escorts in SL has opened a club for young adults: Lolita Heaven Club in Second Life. Other than the obvious attractions, I mention this as there is an article about it explaining how to open a club cheaply: How to Open a Club in Second Life on a Small Budget. (NSFW) They mention a few things about opening a club which I never thought of.

Wings: There are some AWESOME wings popping up in Second Life. They are mesh and seeing the animations in some, they have to be Bento style wings. I’m not sure those shown are Bento style. They are pretty neat. You can find these at Epiphany. (URL Maps) (SLURL)

Wings @ Epiphany

These are Sheila Wings (right side) – Gocha only, sold by: Jennyfer Miles. I’m not into Gocha.

I find 119 items when I search for “Bento Wings” in the SL Marketplace.

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