Second Life News 2016 w/48


The week the main channel will stay the same this week, no update.

Riding Sim

Riding Sim

The three RC channels are getting a new update Wednesday. The package is only described as having some internal changes.


The main viewer is No change from last week. 

We only have two viewers showing in development. We have been told another maintenance viewer is in the QA pipeline.

RC Second Life Bento Viewer version – Last week we were running version The main viewer updated so those fixes have been added to the Bento version. This version has the Viagra fix.

As this is the only RC viewer in the cue, it is the most likely to be the next main viewer. Provided no new bugs are found we may see it promoted this week. If not this week almost certainly this month.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last week we ran version This one may not have the latest round of maintenance fixes. Project viewers tend to develop outside that process until the new stuff is working well. But, the numbering sort of suggests the fixes are added in. We will have to try it to see.


This viewer ( has updated. It is said to be on par with the 4.1.2 Linden viewer, meaning it has all the latest maintenance updates from the Lab.

Last week the update was withdrawn because of a bug. Only 50 people downloaded it before it was taken down. If you are using that version an update to is a good idea.

No Change Windows

We just came out of a no change window, Thanksgiving. We have three weeks until the next window opens, Christmas and New Years. That window will likely run from 12/16-12/21 to 1/2/2017. The 1/2 date is a Monday. Since 1/1 is the day after the holiday… there is time to recover. The first week of January should be a productive week at the Lab.


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