Second Life: No Change Weeks

As the holidays arrive we enter a time when the Lab closes down to a skeleton staff and employees take time off. It is a time when things are done to minimize the possibility of system problems and crashes. So, if it is working… don’t change it. Next week (47) is one of those weeks.

Countryside 2

I haven’t heard an official set of dates for this year’s no change weeks. I expect this one starts today and certainly tomorrow 11/19 and runs to 11/28.

The next set is Christmas-New Years. I expect it to start about December 17-21 and run to January 2. As Christmas falls on Sunday what the Lindens will decide to do is a bit unpredictable as the group seems to have significant input to management.

Whatever they decide, I wish them a full Thanksgiving (yum), a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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