AvaStar 2 Alpha 7 Released

Gaia Clary has released AvaStar 2 Alpha 7. This version has what we think is the final avatar skeleton. The big change in this version is Matrice has the Blender-AvaStar sliders working as they do in Second Life, an impressive feat.

We still have to use the Bento Project Viewer to see and upload Bento animations. The project is active on the main grid. So, we can seriously start yo play with Project Bento.

I think the big result of Project Bento will be way better mesh heads. I’ve avoided them because I hate the frozen-in-place expressions. That will be a thing of the past.

See the announcement here: AvaStar 2 Alpha 7. If you purchased AvaStar 2, you can download this version from the Machinimatrix web site’s Product Page.

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