First Bento Head Released

I’m surprised someone already has a Bento head out. And they are selling it, L$99. You have to join a group to get it. Also, it’s not a final version, at least I suspect it isn’t.

Strawberry Singh has a video showing the head and writes a bit about the project. See: Project Bento Mesh Head Preview from Akeruka. Nice head and looks well done.

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage , not weakness

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage , not weakness

Strawberry is guessing we may see Bento merged into the main viewer soon, she is in the 1 to 4 week range. I’m guessing too but, I’m in the 4 to 8 week range. I am pretty sure we will see the project viewer advance to RC Viewer status very soon, 1 to 2 week range. Then it takes some time to get through the RC stage. Also the Lindens want to soak up some feedback from a larger group of users. The more they want the longer it takes.

We probably are at the end of any skeleton or behavior changes inside Project Bento. But, at the last Bento Meeting, I’ll have the video up some time Friday, Vir Linden talks about something they ‘might’ add but, it is obvious they want to be done and get version one of Bento out.

The Lindens do have a test avatar (wiki) for testing the possible change they have in mind.

I am not going to be buying a head too soon. I expect some problems. I also want to allow for designers’ learning curves. There are some designers now that make clothes that fit my avatar mesh body, Slink, perfectly, meaning my idea of perfect: skin tight, without poke through. Awesome.

I will be playing with demo heads. And I will be watching to see who has interesting HUD’s for the head.


I doubt any of us know how big Bento heads and bodies are going to be. These new heads will change how we do animations, emotes, and the need for emote HUD’s and how we make facial jewelry. My old prim nose-ring is not likely to make the move.

Ears have bones now. They can be animated. I think it is two bones per ear. Ear rings… well those fitted to the lower part of the ear, they may make it. Those for the upper part of the ear, they will have to become a type of fitted mesh to work with the new animations.

Of course tails are going to drastically change. We will be able to animate them just as we animate and arm or leg.

Wings are going to change. We have wing bones with Bento.


Then there is the problem of knowing which animations will work with which heads and bodies. This is a problem because the wing, ear, finger, and etc. bones can be moved and used for things other than their basic designated use. So, the wrong animation and body may make for a strange looking avatar.

Now we’ll need to know if that ear chain or nose ring is fitted mesh or not.

And what about those Xcite! 5 female parts? Will we have Slink, Maitreya, and etc. nipples? I’ll stop there. But, you can imagine the rest.

We have so much stuff to make sure it matches up… complicated…

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  1. Complicated, but wonderful! The end result once the complications are eventually sorted out is super exciting. ^_^

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