Internet Problems?

Today my Internet service sucks. I finally restarted my gateway. That helped, but some sites remain a problem. So, I started to look at what’s up with that…

It hadn’t occurred to me but, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are a target for hackers. I’m not sure why they choose to attack them. I wasn’t curious enough to dig up reasons. But, that they do get attacked affects our use of Second Life™, since the Lab changed over to using CDN’s. 

Plus there are network hubs where numerous lines of communication converge and radiate out. Those get attacked. Of course various providers get attacked too.

All of these problems are tracked in real time these days. A couple of sites I like are these:

Today on the west coast there are 3 attacks in progress that likely affect me. In the SoCal area there are/were 308,000+ attacks in the last 24 hours. One or more of then is causing me grief.

Now that NSA has been hacked (reference) and their cyber warfare tools stolen and put up for auction and possibly for general public release… (reference) I don’t expect things to get any better.

If you dig for detailed information on the hack, it seems there is little doubt the latest is ‘definitely hacked’. The knowledgeable people, not the NYT or most reporters – dig deeper, are saying it looks very much like we have another Snowden on our hands.

The details of the efforts to verify the hacked stuff (the hackers put samples out to drive up auction bids) produced the byproduct providing a very strong suggestion that the NSA can and does have access to every iPhone in use. So the Apple lawsuit for access was bogus. Something else was up.

There is a movement to force transparency on the most corrupt parts of the American government. Since the Obama Admin prosecutes most whistle blowers we can expect more blowers to take the Wiki-Leaks path.

PS: If you are trying to figure out what is going on with your connection, read: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection. While it is about connecting specifically to Second Life, most of the troubleshooting tips work for any server you need to get to.

3 thoughts on “Internet Problems?

  1. People would be amazed what the US government gets up to especially when they crow about being a Democracy interested in Freedom for the People. And if the NSA can be hacked why would you want the to have any personal details about yourself. maybe they were looking for Clinton’s server emails that got “lost”?

    • I have no doubt NSA has all her emails. Some retired NSA people have even said so.

      No government can be trusted. The Democrat Party is leading the way in removal of free speech. The Republicans aren’t far behind.

  2. You may trick the CDN attribution for servers using them, targeting CDNs present in another country than yours so to work around temporary outages in your own country.

    To do this, all you need is to use for your network connection an open DNS server located outside your country: it will then resolve (and any other CDN-using domain) to a CDN server close to the DNS server in question (and thus, in the DNS server’s country).

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