Second Life News 2016 w34


This week there are no roll outs to either the main or RC channels. That says there will be none of the normally planned region restarts this week.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie


The main viewer is version No change since last week. This seems to be the least crashy of the viewers I’m using.

Second Life Visual Outfit Browser Viewer version – This viewer has updated since last week’s version The changes will be mostly the changes from the Maintenance version tha is now the main viewer. So, it too should have a low crash rate.

Second Life VLC Viewer version – This viewer got the Maintenance changes last week. So, no change since last week.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – Also no change since last week. That is now two weeks without a change. There are changes coming. But, work is moving slowly while Matrice Laville, of AvaStar, figures out problems with implementing sliders in Blender.

There is a new release of AvaStar 2x out. This is the alpha/beta version. Gaia and Matrice are figuring out how to make things work so animations made in Blender will work correctly in Second Life™. The problem is the new bones in the Bento avatar work with the viewer’s appearance sliders… sort of.

The Lab thinks they have things working, except for a couple of known problems, which they are working on. The problem is without AvaStar working well creators dependent on AvaStar can’t be making animations and mesh heads. So, without the testing that comes from people using the Bento features, the Lab can’t be sure they really have thins working well.

The Lab does NOT want to release a feature, let people start using it, then have to make a change that breaks everything they have done. So, things are moving slowly.

The current AvaStar version supporting Project Bento is AvaStar-2.0-alpha-6-Blender-2.77. You need Blender 2.77 or newer to run this AvaStar version.

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