Mesh Body Addicts 2016 Event

The crowd seems to have thinned. It was easy getting in. Population of the two regions has been <30 this morning (6-9AM). Visit: Mesh Body Addicts (MBA) Fair (Sim 1) (Sim 2)

The Big Payback

The Big Payback

The quality of mesh clothes and accessories at this is event is… really good… I thought about which adjective I wanted to use. I was a bit disappointed in Hair Fare this year. But, I enjoyed MBA.

When I squeaked in, as soon as I could get in, regions were showing 40 people. It took me 2 or 3 days to make it into both regions. I crashed a couple of times but made it back in each time.

With 40 people in a region it was jerky. I also got to wring out some viewers; Firestorm, Linden, & RLV. I found the best working one, in this case not freezing and crashing, to be RLV then Linden and then Firestorm. I tried FS with VBO on and off. I think it is better with it off. Fewer freezes, crashes, and memory consumption while high did release from time to time. So, I didn’t have to relog as often.

The clothes, THEY FIT… like a glove… hot! So many more clothes fit very well. I have a folder of stuff to buy after trying the demos. Some of the stuff I really liked is only made for Maitreya and some only for Belleza.

Fortunately the majority of designers are not ‘body’ discriminatory(tongue in cheek) they provide sizes for most of the major body brands. (It is a lot of work to make sizes for all the bodies. I understand why some designers build only for their favorite.)

Having the clothes fit and not having to use alphas to hide poke through is important for the adult community. A friend was pointing out to me that worn mesh clothes (and other attachments) can be easily ‘derendered’ by Firestorm users.   O.O    Talk about perv cam’ing… and have you noticed how many women are going commando? Oh… sure. You’d never look.

The thing I hadn’t thought of is that my friend planned for that to happen, was expecting it. Thus she dressed accordingly. If it wasn’t a problem in some places, I suspect she might only ever wear her heels and collar.

All this leads me to wonder if her dressing with the expectation of being silently disrobed is why she gets hit on more often than I do… :/

Because of this aspect of a subculture in SL I find that I pay more attention to how clothes fit. I even started marking outfits that require I use the Slink alpha so I know which outfits do and don’t.

[Item & Style] –  [year] [classic/Slink] – [description & color] [ACI#] [alpha]

Example: Dress Short – 2016 Slink – sexy hot pink 74k 

With the Visual Outfit Browser viewer near release I may have to do some rethinking. The description will be less important…

So, good weighting is really important so the clothes move with the mesh body without it poking through. I am finding more well made clothes that work nicely with my Slink Physique body. I can turn off all the alpha layers. My thinking is designers are learning and getting better.

I am also finding that mesh clothes are showing a lower Avatar Complexity Information value. I put on a classical evening gown outfit from early 2014 that generated an ACI value of 226k. Adding my Slink hands and feet and changing jewelry and shoes I have the outfit down to <90k. It is a classic dress… so I can’t use the Slink body. But, my point is the dress is OK. With ACI I could see it is the shoes and jewelry that are the problem.

ACI may be influencing others and designers. If so, we should eventually see performance in SL improve.

Check out the Mesh Body Addicts event. There is some nice stuff there.

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  1. Thank you so much Nalates!! I’m glad you enjoyed the Fair. So true about derendering too, I like to wear some applier panties just in case – but let’s face it, perv’s will always find a way haha.

    Thank you for your blog and all the information you provide, your site is always such an interesting read.


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