Seraphim HUD

Strawberry Singh has recently released a video on the Seraphim HUD and website. If you are into Second Life shopping and like to catch the shopping events you want this HUD.

If you are a merchant participating in events you are going to want to figure out how to get your event added into the HUD. Jump to the SeraphimSL website. I was curious how they find out about all these events. 

Seraphim has a list if recurring events. They call the list the information portal. They also have an Event Portal. Designers looking for events can sign up there. Event managers looking for designers to participate and signup there, also.

I am guessing the mutually beneficial service of connecting show managers and those looking to participate in shows fuels the Seraphim HUD’s list of events. So, if you are a merchant that wants to be in the list and events, sign up. It looks like the cost is a couple of minutes to join the group by filling out their form.

They are also selling Sticky Ads and HUD Advertising. The HUD ads appear in the Seraphim HUD. The cost right now is L$1,000 for a week, which doesn’t seem the expensive.

I think the HUD looks awesome. I have second and third thoughts about the debatable ‘repetitive teleport’ feature that constantly hammers a server until someone leaves and it can initiate a teleport. (Like the LetMeIn HUD – There no reason I can see for this HUD to be an ADULT item, but the marketplace has so classed it.) But, I don’t have to use the teleport hammer feature, so it isn’t a deal breaker.

Thanks to Strawberry for taking the time to make the video and the Seraphim peeps for the HUD idea.

…this HUD is probably gonna cost me a stack of Lindens…

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