Bernie Sanders Protested by a Griefer

In some cases we have evidence Trump protesters are bused in. Who paid for the buses? That has been tracked down…

Looking away from the Giant

#3 – Looking away from the Giant

My point is disruptive protests by the hate the haters is originating only on the Left. The SL protest against Bernie is the only protest of Bernie not conducted by Black Lives Matters, at least that I can find. What does that say? The main point being we see something happening in SL that isn’t paralleling what people do in RL. Since people are people in RL and people are the people in SL, that should raise a question about why the difference. I found it a blatant red flag inconsistency. While there are differences between behavior in RL and SL, they are matters of inhibition not people’s nature changing.

Further consider. Who in RL is protesting Bernie? Try searching. We find Sanders supports are protesting CNN and George Clooney. Fair enough. However CNN and George and their fans are not going to protest Bernie. So, no retaliatory protests against Bernie.

Who is protesting Bernie prior to the SL event? Only Black Lives Matter RL people are protesting Bernie, an old white guy, and disrupting his rallies. It didn’t make any sense to me as Bernie is adamantly on BLM’s side. Figuring out who is behind BLM makes sense of their apparent stupidity. lists the organizations funding BLM.

I can’t find any RL people disrupting Sanders rallies other than BLM. But, Sanders’ supporters are bragging about disrupting Trump rallies. Could it be the political machines are trying hard to offset their RL anti-free speech actions by creating a virtual protest appearing to be by Trump people so they can have something to point to?

Hamlet’s article is starting to get picked up by some media inside and outside of SL. So, it is being pointed to.

All these writers are building on Hamlet’s story and adding their spin to it. If you have never seen the media spin a story to build an issue without foundation, watch this one grow to see what happens. Remember where it started.

The questionable God & Country sign.

#4 – The questionable God & Country sign.

These days taking anything political at face value is childlike. It is similar to setting a five-year old beginning chess player against a sixty-year old chess master. Psychologists are now a common part of most campaign efforts. (reference) The average guy is hopelessly out classed.

So, is the Trump statue a grass-roots movement revealing the nature of trump supporters in Second Life? A political operative flying a false flag? Or something else?

I’m going with the something else. The profile of the person putting up the Trump propaganda states in their profile they do not support any political candidate. Sorry Trump. They simply enjoy messing with the person building the Bernie Sanders promotional place. They like griefing the guy.

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13 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Protested by a Griefer

  1. I am the one responsible for both the god and country signs and the wall.
    The wall started off as a simple joke/banter to prod the Bernie HQ into getting their rears in gear and have a HQ actually representative of their candidate. Not some joke of 3 walls plastered with meme images. Luckily that plan worked, and the Bernie HQ is something to be respected now. However, with that said the god and country signs and the current walled off fiasco that has taken place. Those are in response to a personal conflict I have with the owner of that HQ. There are no politics involved here from my position with those. I just know the HQ owner dislikes Donald Trump strongly. Again, I got the response I was looking for placing some images. The owner of the HQ already knows what I am after, they just haven’t acted. It is a simple personal spat. Nothing more. Also I am well aware at how childish this is, but it is just to awesome at the same time.

    • Thanks for saying…

      I can’t say I am surprised at how the Left is taking up the story and spinning out Trump-hate and Trump supporter hate. None really point to what is actually going on.

      • Pointing out what is actually going on would take effort and not line up with the narrative they want to promote. The only person I have actually had a conversation with about the purpose and intent of the wall and the siege around Bernie HQ was Jeff Grubb of Venture Beat, but he didn’t include any of what we discussed in his article. Glad you actually took the time to inspect the objects and read a profile, unlike what everyone else coming across the wall has done. It is almost is unfair that Trump HQ gets all the credit xD

        • lol… giving you credit defeats their agenda.

          Reporters are no longer ‘reporters’. They write about their opinion of what they think is happening or will help their agenda. Actually sad.

  2. Trump’s name placed on swastikas. What Trump supporter would do that? really.

    Back in the day we had a notorious land cutter named Umnik Hax. He wore a big, gold Star of David, and his profile was full of Jewish and Israeli groups but he was no Jew. Old Umnik knew he was being an a**hole and wanted is behaviour to reflect badly on his least favourite religion. I think that a very similar thing is going on with the “Trump griefing” on Sanders land.

    • If you Google political rally infiltrators, you’ll find it is becoming a tactic used by a few individuals on both sides. But, the Left is organizing mass infiltrations and seems to be adopting the tactic as SOP.

  3. I’m impressed with this article — I had no idea such liberal critics of the left existed in Second Life, they’re scarce enough in real life! I’d have to agree, as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, that a lot of the hysteria about Trump has come from the left and the extreme left itself incites and glorifies violence or believes it is justified as we have seen with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

    When I visited the Bernie Sanders supporters’ sim in SL in order to get material to include in a landmark giver I have of real life places, I got harassed by the people on this sim. I’m a long critic of the Daily Kos operatives in SL and this is who it was. Nasty bunch.

    In my experience with stories like this, the lefty tech press grabs them and writes them up as they wish they occurred with scant attention to the facts.

    • 🙂

      I’m not sure what to make of your comment. We are usually diametric opposites. But, we are apparently seeing some behaviors the same way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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