Second Life Bits 2016 Week 19

Well, most of this is from week 18 but…

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

Second Life Grid Down

Lindal Kidd has posted about the grid being down Friday night (5/8). I’m usually out shooting pool and drinking. So, I wouldn’t notice the grid being down on a Friday night. See: Grid Down! Residents Scratch Heads.

As to the cause… we don’t know. The grid status message appears to have been a standard canned message. 

Lab Chat

Lab Chat is the monthly, or so, meeting with the Lindens. Ciaran has coverage of the meeting. It is mostly about the format and nothing about what was discussed. Ciaran answers the ‘How’ not the ‘What’ of the meeting. See: Lab Chat Draws The Crowds And The Format Works

Drax has the audio up here: lab chat numero three

SL and Politics

Daniel Voyager has a mention of The Donald’s HQ in SL. See: Donald Trump 2016 Second Life Headquarters. Daniel thinks there is ‘huge’ support for The Donald in SL…

Daniel links to the destination guide. (Politics) There are 7 sites listed;

I would have to say the Bernie supporters have it.

I was surprised I made a little stir on Twitter with Bernie Sanders Protested by a Griefer. (Check the comments for links.) Hamlet and most of the media are still off in their agenda based wonderland.


For about five years Euclideon has been promising unlimited polygons in 3D real time rendering. Well, the equivalency of polygons. But, it has been mostly internal development without any product we could see. That changes this month.

See: Euclideon Keeps On Keeping On


For a months I have written about the Lab upgrading the viewer to use TSL 1.2 protocol for security of money transactions. May 4th the Lab announced that by June 15 both the viewer and our web browsers will have to have TSL 1.2 compatibility to do anything with money on the Linden Lab properties.

See: Update Your Web Browser to Ensure Secure Payments.

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