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It is an election year. A key to the democratic process is a well informed electorate. The obvious reason politicians want to control the news is to shape the electorate’s thinking. We have seen that happen with Hamlet’s distorted Trump-Bernie article and how it was picked up and further distorted by the liberal media to serve their agenda.



The idea in a free society is that ideas are debated to find the best way of doing something and deciding what needs to be done. People are going to disagree. Some people will never change their thinking. Some people are morons. However, the majority of people will go with what works best. That is a problem for a Leftist that cannot defend their ideas. The Alinsky solution: lie, mislead, and silence those that disagree. 

Today we have several organizations reporting on Facebook employees blowing the whistle on Facebook. These are just the ones popping up in Drudge this morning.

Facebook is distorting the news. No doubt. No apology. No change. All basic Alinsky tactics. To understand the tactics see a book titled Rules for Radicals Defeated by Jeff Hedgpeth. Jeff does a good job of explaining how the Obama Team uses the rules.

Few people, but more now, realize that the Obama Administration operates on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. They are the basic strategy-101 for community organizers. Once you have read Marx, Engels, Alinsky, and Obama you can hear the ideology in a similar language being used in all their writing. The basic ideology is any means is justified by the ends. So, it isn’t surprising that Obama goes around Congress, the people’s elected representatives. He can’t convince the majority of Americans, so he perverts a democratic system by circumventing the majority.

Alinsky gives multiple examples of how to MISLEAD people and make them miserable to achieve the organizer’s ends. In his eyes that is a good thing to do. He basically has to assume people are not smart enough to make intelligent decisions and say he knows better what you need than you do.

Behavior spreads by people seeing it and adopting it. So, many that have never heard of Alinsky are learning to follow his rules from the behavior of those that have studied and adopted Alinsky’s ideas. That includes Hillary Clinton who’s college thesis was on Alinsky and how to adapt his ideas for the politically powerful to hold power. Isn’t that a political perversion of the Alinsky ideology? And then there are the newly discovered letters between Hillary and Alinsky. Google it.

We now know beyond any doubt that Facebook people and their PR machine have lied to us when repeatedly saying they were politically neutral. Basic Alinsky. Today we are looking at the proof. Even Zuckerberg was involved in plugging Black Lives Matter and directing employees to manipulate the ‘trends’.

So, considering the Left’s adoption of Alinsky tactics I’m not surprised that Facebook and Zuckerberg manipulate the news. But, understand this is the road to complete removal of freedom of speech and the installation of thought control.

If you want to reverse this trend that is eroding honesty and free speech, consider your news sources and your level of political involvement. Who is making an issue of Facebook suppression? If it isn’t an issue covered by your news sources, then you need to find better sources.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Suppression

  1. I didn’t see a mention of any leftist. Obama is a right winger. Clinton is a terrorist with right wing policies she doesn’t even care about as much as she does ruining other countries. Jill Stein is left, and her party is in its 3rd decade of being ignored by the mass manipulators.

  2. Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky are lefties who are still alive and speaking strong. Emma Goldman was left. Gandhi was left. These people are/were all very different than Clinton or Obama.

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