Second Life: Forced Firestorm Experience?

No one likes having things forced on them… well… some people are into that sort of consenting adult thing. But, is that really forcing without permission?

Back on topic, recently a Firestorm user was complaining about the Firestorm Experience. The bitch was; why do I have this experience in my viewer that I never asked for? 

Jessical Lyon, Firestorm Team leader, replied: (link)

So the Firestorm experience is a land scope experience which is set on only in the Firestorm Community Gateway regions. This is because new residents need to have accepted the experience in order to exit the Orientation Island, otherwise they get stuck there, log off and never come back into Second Life.

Once we have the new RegAPI from LL new sign ups will automatically have their experience enabled as well, so as to make their first time experience seamless.

The Firestorm experience is being used two ways. First, and most used to help residents get from place to place on the region, which is llTeleportAgent. We use this to make it easier for them to teleport around the regions as well as teleport out to other helpful gateways. Exp Key is great for this since we don’t have to confuse new residents with landmarks and make them have to dig through inventory to find them.

The second place we use the experience is to attach a parachute to their avatars if they use the Sky Lift for skydiving, and to attach the CrowleyCorp Golf hud so residents can play golf.

Probably you are not aware of how experience keys work and what their limitations are, but I’ll let you do your own research on that since you have clearly already made up your mind that we are evil people. So I’ll just close with this final statement.

The Firestorm experience only works over Firestorm land and once you leave the Firestorm regions you can revoke the Firestorm Experience without any trouble. Finally, I would suggest that if you fear we will harm you in some way, that the best thing for you do do is not return to our gateway regions.

Thanks for your concerns and complaints.

Have a wonderful day!

Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.

The term experience in this case is a created experience that uses the Experience Tools features added some months ago. The creator of an experience has to get a key from Linden Lab and use it to compile scripts that run the gadgets used in the experience. The key allows scripts to do things regular scripts can’t. Thus a potential for abuse. The key identifies the experience and script owner so they can be held responsible for any abuse of users.

It also allows us the ability to grant permission to specific experience creators and specific experiences and do it just once. So, I could grant permission to an Edelfabrik or Blueberry clothing store experience that might attach a HUD to allow me to try on demos in store without cluttering up my inventory. Also, they would not need to use clunky demo tags because on leaving the region the clothes would poof away. Their HUD would attach automatically when I enter the region, until such a time as I remove the experience’s permission.

Jessica is talking about the Firestorm Experience that is a land related experience that is tied to their community gateway. It isn’t a grid-wide experience. That means the experience can only do its thing when you are regions where the experience is enabled.

All of the experiences made with the new Experience Tools features require you accept the experience and grant it permission to operate on your avatar. Sort of like granting an animation permission to animate your avatar. But, it remembers the permission status from secession to secession and for all scripts and animations that are part of the same experience.

There does seem to be an exception to that ‘you can revoke permission’ rule. Seems in gateway areas the Lindens have made it impossible to revoke permission of gateway related experiences. I am guessing this is a noobs can mess up anything safeguard.

But Jessica points out in a following post that the experience can ONLY work when on Firestorm gateway lands. So, it isn’t like it is forced on anyone not going though the intro process.

Why do the uninformed so often go all Chicken Little on us!?!

Now you know what’s up with gateway experiences for noobs.

4 thoughts on “Second Life: Forced Firestorm Experience?

  1. “once you leave the Firestorm regions you can revoke the Firestorm Experience without any trouble. ”

    And THAT is a flat faced lie and Jessica must know it is. The experience can’t be revoked, removed, or blocked.

    If it could be, most people wouldn’t mind (though a sign at the entrance about the experience as a disclaimer would be appreciated.
    As is, and because of how it is used by the staff to move people around the regions at their wish without prior warning or explanation, and to attach items to visitors just for giggles, yeah it’s a major problem.

    • It was an accurate statement at the time written. It has since changed.

      Now regardless of which viewer you use (I haven’t tested them all…) you have this experience and it cannot be removed. That is not a Jessica thing. To have it enabled for all residents only the Lindens can do that.

  2. That Jessica is a cunny liar that only implements changes her friends ask for and never what the end user asks for, is not a secret to anyone.

    However, the experiences can be revoked by anyone. It’s just NOT so easy to find because they kind of want you never be ablke to find out, so you never remove these experiences for a reason or another.

    See for example the shop Cheeky Pea. you NEED to accept their fucking fucked up stupid experience in order to teleport here and there instead of having a normal TP like every other store. Why? God knows. No one wants to keep coming back to a shop where the creator is a bitch that never offers customer support, says to your face that customer support is not your right or your personal shopping experience, sells overpriced furniture, and if you need ANY help from them you’re on your own. And you better not have issues with their “experiences” either or you will experience a BAN over 5 sims or so.

    But on Firestorm, just go up on the menu and choose “avatar – experience” and revoke, remove, block wahetever you want. it is simple, once you find the info they don’t WANT you to have. I wonder if they use experiences to collect data, like cookies on browser. Otherwise they’d give you an opt-out right on your face.

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