MayaStar Update Week 06

Cathy Foil sent me a note explaining the Project Bento updates to MayaStar. I copied, modified, and paraphrased what she sent.



The MayaStar 4.5, I’ll call it BETA version, addition runs on PC and Mac. It works with Maya 8.0 through 2016. While most of MayaStar works with Maya LT, but Maya LT is lacking some abilities and that limits what can be done with MayaStar. Cathy asks you contact her for more information if you are working with Maya LT. 

MayaStar 4.5 has two new Project Bento skeletons. One for rigging and one for animating. Project Bento is adding new bones to the SL avatar skeleton and is currently in beta testing. Meshes and animations made with 4.5 can only be uploaded to the beta test grid, ADITI. And only to those regions of ADITI that support Project Bento. Try the Mesh Sandboxes.

MayaStar 4.5 is using the Bento Angel used in AvaStar, with permission of course. The Bento Angle avatar mesh is fully rigged to the Bento animation skeleton. Courtesy of Matrice and Gaia of Avastar!

The MayaStar 4.4 production version has been updated to support making animations and poses for Second Life™. Appearance sliders will work with mesh clothes added to the avatar and while animating.

For uploading to the main grid I think you need 4.4. With the Bento plug-ins, I suspect MayaStar and I know AvaStar cannot upload Bento meshes or animations to the main grid… or any non-Bento region.

Cathy was nice enough to offer me a free copy of MayaStar. But, I am a Blender girl. With AvaStar I buy my copies, mostly to support Gaia and crew. These peeps need to be paid for their effort. To some extent it keeps them going and in a free market it is a mutually beneficial way to say thanks.

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