Second Life: Third Party Developers’ Meeting 2-12-16

This meeting ran a little over 20 minutes. It was mostly status updates.

Let it rain

Let it rain

RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version – This version has the HTTP, Co-routines, and Vivox updates. The HTTP updates were driving up the crash rate so in this version they are disabled.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version is doing well and a likely candidate for promotion.

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – The Lab will be doing another round of changes on how complexity is calculated. No serious problems in this version. There is a problem with ‘blocked avatars’ not rendered correctly. Also some materials not calculated reasonably. One case is the cost of an alpha layer verses alpha blending layer is not reasonable.

The current version of Quick Graphics does its calculation based on the LoD-3 model. The next version of the viewer will do its calculation based on your setting LoD setting (RenderVolumeLODFactor). This is going to have an impact on those people that set their RenderVolumeLODFactor to 4. All their complexity values will be based on the high poly model.

My thinking is this will impact those people more than those of us that moderate our LoD setting. So, Avatar Complexity Information will not just place pressure on designers in how they design, but in what they tell their customers. The generality to set LoD to 4 so you won’t see how poorly some designers have made their Lod 2, 3, 4 levels is likely to get more blow back.

I was looking at an awesome jump suit with great materials features and drooling. Then saw their set-set-your-LoD-to-4 sign. Nope. That was strike two, also no demo strike 1. I didn’t buy.

This change to use your RenderVolumeLODFactor setting means the complexity value will change based on the LoD’s of the items and which LoD your viewer (distance from an item determines which LoD model to use) is using at the moment it is calculating.

The Quick Graphics viewer is less crashy than other viewers. I think Oz mean the other RC viewers, but I’m not sure. Users using the Quick Graphics viewer are staying on longer, which makes sense to me

All the RC’s will likely be coming out in new versions in the coming week. That is subject change.

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