Second Life Servers – Week 51

This week we saw a roll to the main channel and will see a new package go into RC channels Wednesday.

Storybrooke Gardens

Storybrooke Gardens

The main channel got the maintenance release with Crash Fixes and BUG-10192 – Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_OMEGA

The RC channels get a package that is a maintenance release with;

  • Internal fixes
  • Simulator crash fix
  • LSL HTTP requests can access data sources that require non-text Accept headers (such as the Destination Guide)
  • Some of the group member counts as reported in the viewer will now be larger. These member counts will include inactive users, and will only updated on a daily basis. This change is to help with some of the problems we have encountered recently with group functions.

Not much to said about these. I’m guessing Simon Linden is busy with his projects and may not be involved in these changed or only peripherally.

Simon did talk a bit about priorities and limited staff:

Simon Linden: when we pick what to work on, the obvious high priority things are stuff where the grid is breaking (like the group db problems) or crashes or exploits, then it’s a matter of figuring out the best thing for a limited effort .. some projects are just too big.

Responding to a suggestion he is the only one working on the SL servers, “There’s more than one, but yeah, not a huge staff.

And we got a teaser:

I’ll be deliberately vague but in the not-terribly-distant future you’ll see something that shows what some of those people have been doing instead.

There was some discussion about animation synchronization problems. As it is now lots of effort has to go into a script to get animations sync’d. Simon pointed out:

So why can’t this be fixed in just the viewer?    The viewer knows when it gets the message to play the animation and how long it took to download it.   The sim doesn’t know that download delay. So, if the viewer knows it took 8 seconds to download, jump into the 8 second position and play from there.

But, that is a very small part of the problem. We also have the problem of avatars arriving at different times and whether they see animations in sync. It gets really complicated.

The new avatar arrival event can be a different problem, I think… and that one is complicated … you know how people on the same dance set will be in sync?  People like that, yet it’s an interesting accidental artifact of how the viewer works.


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