Second Life Fashion Week 35

Second Life™ has fashion. From outrageous high fashion to clubbing to street slut and into the depths of humiliating bondage there is fashion in SL… whatever your taste or lack of… I’m more into what Kate del Castillo or Jessica Biel might wear, Latino and an American actresses, respectively.  There is a look I go for… whether I achieve it or not is debatable.

Dolls and Demons - Feedly Page

Dolls and Demons – Feedly Page

So, while I’m not a fashion writer, I am a bit of a fashion follower. So, finding the blog Dolls and Demons is like finding candy. Alles Klaar is the blogger and says:

This [Dolls and Demons] is a place of virtual fashion dreams and the occasional nightmare, with lots and lots of quirkiness in between. It’s a place that I call home and one that I hope you will visit too.

Her name on Flickr is AllesIst Klaar. Flickr is where I first saw her images. In my opinion they tend toward the surreal. They are all, so far, gorgeous and interesting. But, she reserves all rights on the images. So, I am prohibited from including them in posts. Otherwise you would have seen several by now. But this one really caught my eye. So, when I saw it pop in one of the Fashion aggregators, I forget if it was iHearts – probably, I jumped on it to see who made the pants. It was Erratic Rain. You can find them in Uber  (map url) until 9/23. As you leave the landing point look 3 or 4 stalls to the right to find them.

I was way curious to see if the texture of the pants was a Photoshop material or a SL material. It is a SL material.

One of the things I like about the blog is the way the fashion item list is written, see: Take No Prisoners. The clothes, accessories, and props are all written up. She doesn’t include draw weight of the outfits or individual items. I would like to see more ‘complexity’ information included in fashion reporting. But, I won’t give up the eye-candy just because the calories aren’t listed…

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