Climate Change for Thinkers

Every so often I have to write something for the Global Warmers that like to deny science, avoid thinking, ignore facts, and are susceptible to propaganda in mainstream media because they are too lazy to think. They typically only respond with Alinsky style ad hominem attacks.

everybody's clown

everybody’s clown

There are more and more under reported articles appearing to reveal the nature of those leaders supporting the Anthropomorphic Global Warming campaign. Principia Scientific International has run such an article: Man-Made Climate Change ‘Not About Science’ Admits Naomi Klein

Also, a Mic’d Up video (58 minutes) points out some of the ethical conflicts liberal warmers have failed to deal with or I could say even think about, as it seems these ethical conflicts seldom seem to occur to warmers. Video: CLIMATE CONFUSION. The video is about the Pope’s recent encyclical about global warming. Media is covering the ‘warming’ part but ignoring the rest of it and this is the logest encyclical in the history of the church, so there is a lot there.

The video will be upsetting to many just as the Planned Parenthood videos of baby parts sales are. Ask yourself what it is about the videos that upset you. Is it that you think the videos are fake or misleading or in the way some people are treating other people?

Much of the agenda of the Left is revealed in the video. As the ideas of the Left are generally unpopular, they have to be stated with ‘socially acceptable’ labels and often framed as the lesser of two evils before free rational people will accept them.

When I say ‘unpopular’, consider whether you want to give up your freedom (California is trying to limit how many miles a person can drive per year), pay more taxes (if you are in the $75,000 to $250,000 income range expect to get hit hard), give up ownership of your stuff (especially homes and land), or see population controlled by elimination of the poor (there is a difference  between helping the poor and eliminating them). If you think that is NOT what the leadership of the Left is promoting, you are uninformed and buying into the labeling…

2 thoughts on “Climate Change for Thinkers

  1. I have just read a new book which I believe is very good for making you think properly about climate change and and other emotive social and lifestyle issues – it’s not a book about ‘What To Think’, but rather, about ‘How to Think’.

    It’s called \Doing Good Better: Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference\ by William MacAskill – you can see it on Amazon here:

    I would encourage anybody of whatever persuasion to read it.

    • I recommend The Rape of the Mind by Joost Meerloo.

      The wording ‘…is very good for making you think properly about climate change…’ is an interesting way of saying what Meerloo explains happens to us.

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