Second Life’s Festival of Sin II

We have lots of events in Second Life and Festival of Sin II (SLURL) is another. Ciaran Laval and the Hottie Cootrati Experience have covered the festival.

Festival of Sin II - August 2015

Festival of Sin II – August 2015

It has rules… whaaaat?

  1. Have fun!
  2. Don’t be shy, we encourage debauchery of all kinds. We’re equal opportunity sinners.
  3. EXPLORE! There’s lots of hidden surprises lurking about the sim. Click things, look around corners.  Have a seat. >:}
  4. Don’t be a dick.

That is all.
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Shiloh Selene (Barbie.Glas).

If you are into Gacha’s, there are plenty of those. I’m not that big on them. Nor am I all that into shopping ‘events’. So, I don’t often cover them. But, this is a build worth visiting. Mostly mesh and very well done. See what SL can be. Plus there is lots of nice stuff to buy.

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