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This is a PROJECT viewer, meaning it is more crash and bug prone than the Release Candidate viewers. I crashed and hit 100% disk use with this version of the viewer almost always in the first 15 minutes. But, I wanted to see the new features. So, I keep re-starting it. Sometimes it runs longer than other times. I have yet to pin down what I am doing different between a quick crash and longer run times.

New Complexity Information

New Complexity Information

It is important to note that during this Project Viewer time that you can provide feedback to the Lab and they are much more likely to listen and make changes. After the features are in an RC viewer they are MUCH less likely to make changes. So, if you think you may have a grip or suggestion, get it to the Lindens (JIRA Feature or Bug Report). 

This viewer also has the attachment bug where some attachments don’t really attach. When you walk away from your rez point the attachment stays there. A relog usually fixes the problem as it is thought to be caused by a race condition that occurs only at login. Attempting to remove and re-add the attachment just makes things worse. Relog.

This project viewer adds Graphics Presets, meaning you can save multiple sets of Graphics Preferences. The Lindens describe it this way:

You can now create different saved “presets” for your graphics preferences, and quickly switch between them using a new top bar pull down. Create one with a short draw distance and support for lots of detail to use when going to a dance club, another with long views for exploring, and any others that you find yourself using frequently.

You’ll find the new feature in Preferences->Graphics – look for the Save and Load Settings as Preset buttons. This is where you create new Presets. You can load new Presets here too, but you don’t have to. There is an easier way to select a Preset.

In the upper right of the viewer there is a new icon, it looks like a computer screen. Mouse over the icon and a drop down list appears. If you have made Presets, they will be listed here, all except the one yu are currently using. Click one and the settings change. Nice, easy, quick. I love it.

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