Second Life Week 32

PaleoQuest – Second Life’s Dinosaur Adventure

See: Brave Dinosaurs & Win Prizes in PaleoQuest!

VMM Surprise…

Well… if you read this blog or any of several others, even if you read only the Linden Blog, the arrival of VMM and the Merchant Outbox ceasing to work is no surprise. But, the forum is full of people that are shocked and outraged that the Lab would make such a change without telling them. And there is a flock of mental midgets that can’t imagine why the change was made…

Send such people this link: Linden Lab Official:Viewer-Managed Marketplace FAQ.

MMO Passé ?

Rob Pardo, former lead at WoW, talked about how the term MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) is being avoided by some gaming companies. They don’t seem to have lost interest in the genre, just the label. See: Massively Overpowered’s mention of the interview where Rod talked about the idea.

I suppose this could just be a marketing thing. New is better when marketing. We are naturally curious about things new to us. The marketing industry builds on our curiosity about ‘new’ things. So, marketing types avoid the passé and strive to look new. Just count the items in your favorite grocery store that are labeled new.

From Cardboard to Plastic

I think most of us know about the cardboard VR headsets. Now we can go a step up with a similar but plastic device. Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business has found the C1-Glass from Goggle Tech. Check out what she has to say: My new favorite VR headset.

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