Second Life Bits Week  29


I think we all have questions about Project Sansar, aka SL 2.0. On the 14th a forum thread was started titled ‘Ask the CEO.’ There is a load of questions and answers.  See: Ask the CEO.



Ebbe is not talking about the avatar skeleton. Answering a direct question about whether skeletons other than the basic avatar will be available he answered ‘say tuned.’ 


We have seen a slowdown in server updates arriving in the Main and RC channels.  In Thursday’s Beta Server UG meeting we got a clue as to what is going on. Apparently those normally working on server releases are working on the Mongo database that handles the Experience Tools’ key value pairs.

As it is now that database can search 1,000 values in 60 seconds… that is incredibly slow, at least in my experience with databases. So, I am guessing this is project consuming a significant portion of the team’s resources.


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