Second Life: Alchemy Viewer 3.8.0

A new release of the Alchemy Viewer is out, Alchemy Beta 3.8.0. This not new news… I’m just catching up. There is not much one can say about what is new in Alchemy as they aren’t telling, deciding to let it be a surprise to users. Right.

Ladies of Summerfest '15

Ladies of Summerfest ’15 by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

The release notes read:

  1. Up to date with Second Life 3.7.30
  2. Included Experience Tools Project
  3. Lots of other new sh!ts

But, there are a number of Alchemy changes if you scroll down. One interesting one is the ability to export a group membership list to a CSV file. That could be useful. Exporting ban lists for use in other groups might be more useful. Also, added to the inventory panel filters is an option to filter LINKs, the basic entry used in the Outfits folder. Third party viewers allow LINKs to be created outside the Outfits folder. So, I can see a need to search for LINKs.

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