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There have been a couple of updates to the Black Dragon Viewer since I started using NiranV is up to release The changes fix some minor problems, adds Windows 10 support (Win 10 coming the end of the month), and includes the change to how we can use clothing layers.

177. | House Targaryen

177. | House Targaryen by Taylor Wassep, on Flickr

RLVa is still broken…  but, that’s not a Black Dragon issue, if I remember correctly.

What is the future of Black Dragon? According to rants NiranV has posted (About quitting development – 6/1, About quitting development #2 – 6/2) development will be paced for personal use, NiranV’s use. So,  one can’t really know how often we will see updates.  But, we have been seeing a pretty steady stream of updates. Until that changes, don’t worry.

Like any third party viewer, updates are dependent in the programmer’s interest in Second Life and the viewer. If that wanes or RL consumes the time they need to work on a viewer, development of that viewer slows or stops.

I got bored wading through the posts. My take away was that NiranV will be updating Black Dragon, but not developing new features. NiranV takes 6,000+ words to say that. Did I get it right? I don’t know. I’ll go with that until I see something else actually happening.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Black Dragon Viewer

  1. 6000+ words.

    The actual message was brought almost right at start and was done in one sentence, the rest is just the very-long-but-still-super-cropped-version of my reasons as to why.

    Also after someone bumped me about RLVa yesterday (pretty much at the time of this post) i merged the new RLVa updates and RLVa is now fixed.

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