Firestorm Viewer Update

The Firestorm Viewer Team is deciding whether to go into feature freeze in 2 weeks and release a viewer version 2 weeks after that. They want to avoid having a viewer out without Viewer Managed Marketplace when the Lab starts their 30-day countdown clock on VMM implementation. That could leave FS users out in the cold on VMM. The real issue with VMM is for those using MagicBoxes. But, the team is anticipating FS users would not be happy.

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If you do nothing with your Marketplace items then auto-migration will eventually run and migrate you. That will eliminate anything you are still selling via magic box. There is no longer a need for magic boxes. The new system does all the things that MagicBoxes did. 

So again, get the Linden project viewer and start eliminating your magic box use NOW!

When can we expect VMM to be officially released? Oz was dancing around that issue. That isn’t too surprising as Brooke is more into VMM than Oz. and she was not available for this last meeting.

Oz says there will be at least one more round bug fixes. This iteration be a short lived RC likely to go quickly to main release. So, that could happen in 2 or 3 weeks. But, Oz was spinning on how long ‘short’ is going to be.

After all the dancing and back and forth Jessica Lyons, FS Team Lead, decided they can wait 2 weeks for the next TPV meeting to decide on when to start the FS Team’s 4 week (30-day) clock on the next viewer release. Obviously she is deciding the Lab won’t start their clock before then.

It looks like we are a month maybe two from a new release of Firestorm and then VMM.

2 thoughts on “Firestorm Viewer Update

  1. I guess unlike many people with a marketplace I could careless about the VMM. I do not have one of those magic boxes.. Just the merchant out box which works well for me, and I do not want to do everything in my viewer…I care more about graphics.. crashing and such that I been reading, and other issues. Solve them and forget about he VMM…when it is released I will not be using the market place any more.

    • One of the problems for many is the MagicBox thing. It is currently the only way to sell no copy items. There is a whole resale thing going on in SL. VMM moves the process into a more unified system.

      The Lab is constantly A-B testing and figuring out what is easier to learn. For existing users we are stuck with relearning. Not pleasant. But, it looks like it will be much easier to work with the marketplace and control our MP inventory with VMM.

      If you prefer to pull you stuff from the marketplace to avoid a newer system, thost so far looks to be the best the Lab has come up with, that is your choice. I’m not at all sure why you are deciding that?

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