Second Life: Catching Up

Being gone for almost 2 weeks, there is lots for me to catch up on. These are the things I found interesting.

Mer étincelante

Mer étincelante by Nunie-SL, on Flickr


I previously mentioned this. But, now the new avatar height and hover controls officially have their counterparts in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL): LLGetObjectDetails() and LLGetAgentSize(). See: New LSL support for Avatar Shape, Height and Hover.

A part of LLGetObjectDetails() is the flag: OBJECT_HOVER_HEIGHT – Gets the hover height of the avatar.
If id is not an avatar, 0.0 is returned. Normal values are in the range of-2.0 to 2.0 with a default value of 0.0. This value does not reflect the avatar shape’s “Hover” setting, only the dynamic viewer setting.

Also added to LLGetObjectDetails() is the flag: OBJECT_LAST_OWNER_ID.  Gets the UUID of the object’s previous owner, if known. For group-owned objects, this is the avatar that deeded the object.

LLGetAgentSize() is an old function (2007). But, it has been revised to provide more informative information.


Xin by Lo.Coeur, on Flickr

Second Life Server Updates

Not much to talk about in the way of server changes. No roll to the main channel. The RC channels all get one update: a maintenance release… meaning bug fixes. This one does get some more data collection code. The email handling code changes. I think this is part of the change to reduce Second Life’s appearance as a spammer.

Firestorm Viewer

The Firestorm Team put out a new release, 4.7.1-45325. This is a beta release and has known problems with attachments from the Linden AISv3 changes. There are also problems with RLVa. As this is a major upgrade it is still woeth updating and the FS Team is recommending you do.

A minor upgrade with AIS and other fixes will follow as quickly as possible.

Inara wrote a good summary of the changes that affect users, see: Firestorm 4.7.1 Beta: It’s here!  The change log on the Firestorm site is huge. There is six months of work in this release.

The SL Go code in the viewer is being archived. We may see that adapted to Bright Canopy at some point.

Green horizon

Green horizon by Leonorah Beverly, on Flickr

WordPress Problem

See: Vulnerable 4.2.2 WordPress sites are leaking credentials to cybercriminals.

How Old?

NSFW – The Pornstars blog has run pictures of the porn stars through the “How Old?” site to get estimated ages. You upload an image to the site. It analyzes it and gives you an age. See How Old Are The Pornstars!? (NSFW) For an idea of the results.

From other sources I understand much of the analysis is based on skin texture. I expect SL avatars would tend to be on the young side.

Fantasy Faire

I’ve been missing out on Fantasy Faire and wanting to visit. In my away time I have been reading Prim Dolls coverage of the faire. See: Prim Dolls.

The Trace

The Trace by Vitos Davi, on Flickr

Totally Useless Stats

(NSFW±) I like stats. They give me a sense of proportion and perspective. But, here is an extensive set of stats that, while interesting, are mostly useless. They answer the question, What is the average porn star  like? DD and blonde? No. See: An ‘Average RL Female Pornstar’.

MythBusters and VR

The Discovery Channel is planning to do MythBusters in VR… really!?! How’s that gonna work?

See: ‘MythBusters’ and More from Discovery Being Filmed in VR.

A Take on Female Characters

Seems there is a controversy around the Black Widow in Age of Ultron. I’ve never found feminist activists to make sense. They seem to pull in events and happenings to support their ideology without thinking things through. To me they come across as victims and haters.

See: Feminism’s Age of Ultron.

THEMA_Terra Firma: M'curi

THEMA_Terra Firma: M’curi by ╰☆Tempest Rosca ☆╮, on Flickr

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