Second Life: Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

iHeartsSL,com has an article from the site Mesh Body Addicts and their weekly articles on Fitted Mesh Finds. The point of the article is to report on fitted mesh items found in the past week. The contact for the site is Lil Daria (LilDaria Resident).

What's new: Slink Physique fashion

What’s new: Slink Physique fashion by LilDaria Resident, on Flickr

The Addicts can be found on Facebook and Flickr.

I think this is a great idea. I see very little fitted mesh on the grid. There is lots of standard size stuff. But, that stuff doesn’t fit me well. 

Standard size stuff is so bad. I have found it is anything but standard. Changing my shape to the published standard size shape, just hasn’t worked. I have made shapes for some brands I really like. Doing that I learned that one shape does not fit all standard size clothes, even from the same designer.

There are some brands I can’t wear because I have to distort my shape to the point I have to resize my Slink hands and feet. I have to have a set of hands, feet, and shape for each brand. That is just too much stuff. As it is I put off getting a new skin because of all the stuff I would have to redo. Sheeesh!

So, I am looking forward to seeing more fitted mesh that will hopefully fit better. With LilDaria telling me where it is, I have a better chance.

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