Second Life Bits – Week 15

Linden Lab Hiring

The Lab is continuing to hire people. Today the ad for a Senior Architect in Web Design is popping up all over the place. The Lab has been making an effort to hire from the SL user base and going outside when no qualified candidates are found.

See: Jobs AliBaba

FREE Broken Ankle Fix - Ankle Lock

FREE Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock by Strawberry Singh, on Flickr

Designing Worlds

The Designing Worlds peeps have done a show interviewing Draxtor Dupree. Drax is a good talker and he makes this an exceptionally interesting show. You can watch it on Prim Perfect here. 

Broken Ankles

Strawberry has an article (coming?) about fixing broken avatar ankles. I added the question mark because I’m not sure when or if her article will post. As I am writing this and planning to schedule my posting, I have no idea the order in which the postings will appear.

Nor can I link to the post… yet. As there is no published page for me to go to… So, how do I know? I don’t. I am guessing. She posted the article picture on Flickr.

Oh… it showed up here. Scroll down. You want to check this out and get your free Ankle Lock.

How to Spot Media BS

The media is supposed to be the eyes and ears of a democracy. What does a voting public do when eyes form mirages, see illusions, and hear non-corporal voices?

Schizophrenic’s, some, do learn to function with their betraying senses. They learn to recognize the nature and style of mirages, illusions, and imagined voices their senses provide. Armed with recognition, they can alter meds, ask for help, or refrain from complying with the voices. Their life is not easy nor always a success. Now if voters could do the same with the media… we might become a functional society.

Check out: How To Block Fake And Misleading Media Narratives. For SL users we might rephrase that as: How to stop drama, being manipulated, and recognize BS.

Facebook Tip

CWZ or Cyber War Zone, has posted a handy tip for those of us with a FB account and who have grown tired of games posting in our time line. See: Tired of Games posting on your Facebook wall? Then enable this Facebook option! I doubt this will help me now. But, if I ever decide to try another FB Game, it might.

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