Slink Updated Update

Today I got a new update to my recent update. This brings my Slink Hands to version 2.1. When you wear the hands you get an update shipped to you. It lands in the OBJECTS folder. You need to unpack it.


♫ by Lana Quicksand, on Flickr

The hands, Utilities HUD v2, and the OmniHUD v6.1 update. I think the alpha layer remained the same. I can’t see a difference. I have noticed that the hands don’t fit the same as the previous version, at least with my shape. I’ll have to tweak my shape again. Or it may be SL acting up again. I’ll give it a day, may be two, before I start changing my shape. 

When matching skin color the final tweak using the gear icon had a problem. You are supposed to be able to click on the HUD and have the R,G,B value of your final setting appear in chat. Knowing the value makes it easy to match the wrist-blender tattoo. It also makes it easy to match the other hands.

That click didn’t work, no R,G,B values appeared in chat. That is fixed.

Also, I from what is said, now normal and specular maps work for third party HUD’s. I hadn’t tried those. I am pretty sure I don’t have anything that uses those attributes of the mesh hands.

There is a change in the Utility HUD too. Somewhere there is something in there about being able to remove scripts. I probably won’t. The majority of the scripting is in the HUD’s not the hands or feet.

It is nice to get the updates automatically when I put on an out of date pair of hands, but integrating them into my inventory one at a time is a pain. Fortunately you can go to the store and get the entire package re-delivered. You will still have to wear and color each pair of hands.

Wearing the OmniHUD use the chat command /13 skin RRR,GGG,BBB to color hands after the first match is made. The chat command is heard by the OmniHUD and the color applied to the hands by it. That allows having smaller scripts in the hands.

On script weight… The hands have 4 scripts using 208k of memory. So, keeping the scripts is not a major problem. It is pretty easy to wear a lot of stuff and stay under 1mb of script. The suggested limit by many is 3mb. But, less is better. I don’t see it as enough better to double my inventory of hands by having one set of scripted and one set of script-removed hands.

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