Bits of Second Life 2015 Week 11 Tutorial has links to another interesting tutorial. This one is about working with green screen… or I would say masking and cutting your avatar out of the background.


Polly by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

Nimil Blackflag wrote the tutorial and made the images. This is basically an example of how to use the Background Eraser and setup the image so it works amazingly well. It is simple, fast, and near perfect. But, it does require Photoshop.

See: so you want to remove a green screen?

Best Malware Research Blogs

I think sooner or later everyone gets bitten. has an article up listing the best sites for researching malware and finding ways to get it out.

See: Malware Research Blogs 

Fantasy Faire

This is an event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society – Relay for Life. The event will run from   Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 3. Access will be from the American Cancer Society region. (SLURL)

The contact information for the event is:

RFL in SL:

Ciaran Laval has posted more information about the event here: Fantasy Faire 2015 – The Faire Spirit Is Awakening.

BURN2 – Burnal Equinox 2015

Danial Voyage has an article on Burn2, an annual event in SL. This event will run from March Friday 27th through Sunday 29th. See his article for details: BURN2 – Burnal Equinox 2015.

Avatar Gender

Hamlet is pointing us to a study published on Polygon’s site. Hamlet: How Many Boys Don’t Care About Character Gender (and How Many Girls Do)

Polygon: The games industry is wrong about kids, gaming and gender (update)

Seems girls are much more likely to play as female…  guys care less about which avatar gender they use as the move from middle school to high school…

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