Second Life’s Capital Exchange Game

This is an ongoing saga. Capital Exchange is a stock market simulation game caught in the Lab’s rules for Skill Gaming. For months they have been arguing with the Lab’s attorney (s).

Leo at LEA16

Leo at LEA16 by Leonorah Beverly, on Flickr

There is a new update on the process: March 2015 Skill Gaming Update.

As I read the account of what is happening. I notice a similarity to many politically based legal disputes; delay, require more paper, drive legal costs up, never provide a clear point to oppose, … just an endless stream of obfuscation and delay.

Is the Lab deliberately using stalling tactics? Are the attorneys billing hourly? What’s going on? We can’t know.

Whatever the case, Skip Oceanlane, CEO, is now asking for your help. I suggest you read the articles he has been posting for months and make your decision as to whether you want to help. As it is now it is looking like the Lab, deliberately or not, has reached the point of abusing this SL business owner. It certainly appears to be the way to drive businesses out of Second Life.

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