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Drax does a series of videos depicting Second Life as it really is. He doesn’t show ALL of Second Life. He shows the side he feels is most under reported, the missing side. The reports are accurate representations of the side of Second Life he wants to show. See: Drax Files for my coverage of those videos and see YouTube for the full collection of his videos.

There are parts of real life that we don’t see. Just as the media does their hype for their purposes with little regard for presenting a balanced view of Second Life. So too the media and politicians hype their idea of what we should be responding too in RL based on their agenda, which mostly benefits the politicians. There is little if any balance our mainstream media and the accuracy is way questionable.

There hasn’t been a Drax to balance the reporting in RL. Now there is a group that is starting to do just that. Opportunity Lives is featuring a series of videos titled “Comeback” showing what RL people are doing without waiting for the government to save them.

There is to be a series of these videos. 

There is also an effort by activist Alex Yershov’s to start a Liberty Seeds project. His conviction that liberty – not the force of government – is the surest way of spreading prosperity fuels that effort.

The core idea of both efforts is to put the ideas of liberty into terms people can feel. The message of freedom has long been an intellectual message that was for understanding. Charts, graphs, and history have been the staples of intellectual arguments. These new efforts shift into the emotional side and provide examples of real people taking advantage of their liberty and freedom to make their lives better. This is something visceral that people can feel and relate to.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these videos and for this entry. It is amazing that, these days, the under-reported story is the one of people doing for themselves, without the collar of the government driving them further into desperation. And poverty.

    The socialist utopia isn’t working (and never has). I have a great RL middle-class job that, 10 years ago, would have been enough to feed my household. No longer. Higher state and federal taxes, and a 600% increase in my healthcare costs have caused me to go out to get a second job. And my life is still nowhere near as difficult as the people depicted in these videos. My heart goes out to them.

    Not too long ago (and I think these are the same people who form the group you mention above), a band of community organizers from some of the poorest cities got together and created YouTube videos, blasting the government for the repeated lies and failed promises of a better life in the US. They realized that communities – not the government – help people. These groups are beginning to pop up all over the country. I think this is the most positive “hope and change” we will see in our lifetimes.

    The most important lesson from all of this is that government doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t want to keep you warm and fed. It wants your power and dedication. And if it has to accomplish this by forcing you into slavery, it will. Governments throughout history have proven this point. It is time for the people to take their power back. For we can succeed – despite the government – by taking care of each other.

    Thanks so much Nalates – for such an informative and thought-provoking blog.

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      The states were to be our macro-communities and our cities and towns our micro-communities. The central government was for defense of all the communities, not to be the ruling government. The socialist/communist/utopians can’t learn from history and generally are unaware of it. They seldom have read or even know of the Federalist Papers or the work that went into designing the US Constitution.

      The socialist/communist/utopians have learned how to foment revolution and sell slavery to the masses of uneducated, low information people. Hopefully these groups can turn things around.

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