Open Source Office Hour 2015 week 10

@ Home, done for now...and blogged about it!

Home, done for now…and blogged about it! by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

I seldom make it to the Open Source User Group meeting these days. Today I did today. I don’t have time to write the meeting up. But, there is some interesting information. So, I’ll post the raw log as Oz Linden doesn’t post his meeting chat logs. While I would like it if he did, there are way better things he can do with his time.

Raw chat log – click + to open:

Chat Log Text

2 thoughts on “Open Source Office Hour 2015 week 10

  1. New media system will be good. Shame he didnt answer your question on caching, though I expect from earlier TPV meetings that that should be on their roadmap…also a shame he would not even share the number of items on that list.

    • Oz has always been one to avoid drama and keep things practical. Like he keeps saying, when they have something to show, they’ll show it. Until then his thinking seems to be it is just unwarranted speculation leading to drama.

      Numbers would be nice. I like numbers. But, I don’t know that having them would tell us anything of value. Numerous things could make up a single item or vice-versa. One item could take years or days to implement…

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