Coming Viewer Change

In regard to viewer updates, currently if a user says they no longer want to run the RC version and disables their ‘willing to  run’ setting, they get downgraded to the current main release, which is always an older version. So, they effectively get downgraded when they were asking not to be upgraded.

Understandably this upsets some people. In the near future this will change and one will remain on the RC version until it is promoted to the new main/default viewer. Then they will update in sync with the main viewer versions.

This might not work out so well. While I have no doubt that the current downgrade surprised some people, it was by design. It allowed one to easily back out of an RC Viewer that did not work well for the user. Now backing out of a poorly working RC Viewer will be a more complex process requiring one to download and install another viewer version. But, that may be less confusing.

We’ll see what people do with the process.

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