Second Life Wiki Lockdown 2014-52

I have a bit of time to write today. RL is still busy with work and holiday related stuff. I can confirm that Adobe’s latest release of Dreamweaver is way buggy when one tries to use their new fluid ‘LIVE’ design features. It appears Adobe is moving away from Dreamweaver and toward their new Adobe Edge.

SL Wiki

I’m not sure how many of my readers use the SL Wiki. I suspect even fewer add to its content. Those of us that do contribute to the wiki content have been blocked for some time. The SL Wiki is no longer user editable. Few Lindens can edit it.

Months ago some socially dysfunctional people started vandalizing the wiki. The Lindens locked it down to stop the vandalism.

The wiki will eventually reopen to user edits. Ebbe Linden posted an expected ETA for the change. See the SL Forum post: Ebbe Linden. Quoting:

  1. Wiki – a security issue forced us to disable editing for the time being. Updated software that fixes the vulnerability is being tested now and should make it out early next year so we can enable editing again.
  2. KB – we’ll fix those mistakes. Please report any incorrect content using the Suggestion form (use the Documentation category) and we’ll get on it.

This was in response to Perrie Juran’s post:

  1. What is the status of the Wiki? It has been several months now since anyone could do any edits, add information, etc, etc.  Why is it taking so long to get it fixed/reopened?  Or has there been a policy decision made to close it?
  2. Is there someone assigned to watch over the Knowledge Base? There is out dated information in it.  For instance I could point to a few pages that state there is NO educational/non-profit discount.  Fortunately we can append comments to those pages, but does someone see when comments are added so corrections can be made?

So, eventually the wiki should open up to user contributions in early 2015.

If you are selling products or offering services then the wiki is a great place to capture new customers. Solutions to problems, training, and resource lists are welcome in the wiki. Blatant ‘I’m great’ or ‘Mine is best’ articles will probably draw more problems and heat than customers.

The wiki is about helping residents and improving Second Life. But, with some thinking you can help people and promote your products and services.

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