SL Wiki 2015-05

Second Life Wiki is editable now. That changed a week or so ago. But, in the process we lost a lot of newer wiki pages. Plus lots of people were waiting to update information on various subjects in the wiki. So, far the last few days I’ve seen a lot of activity in the wiki. In the last 24 hours about 600 pages have been added or edited.

Release Notes for the Experience Tools Viewer (3.8.0-298001) popped back up today. The page includes a link for the viewer.  Continue reading

Second Life Wiki Lockdown 2014-52

I have a bit of time to write today. RL is still busy with work and holiday related stuff. I can confirm that Adobe’s latest release of Dreamweaver is way buggy when one tries to use their new fluid ‘LIVE’ design features. It appears Adobe is moving away from Dreamweaver and toward their new Adobe Edge.

SL Wiki

I’m not sure how many of my readers use the SL Wiki. I suspect even fewer add to its content. Those of us that do contribute to the wiki content have been blocked for some time. The SL Wiki is no longer user editable. Few Lindens can edit it.

Months ago some socially dysfunctional people started vandalizing the wiki. The Lindens locked it down to stop the vandalism. Continue reading