Second Life: Crashing Viewer

Word is getting around that there is a pre-release version of the viewer for those having a problem getting past the VFS step of viewer launch. It seems it is mostly those using Intel HD graphics chips for their video processor that have the problem.

There is a recommended fix: Viewer 3.7.??-296857. This is a version some lindens and others have mentioned at various times.

The latest possible fix is this viewer: 3.7.??-29????.  This version may be better or worse. The link leads to work-in-progress builds that have yet to be passed through QA. Most of the code has been through QA, but not 100%. But, it will be the latest build in this channel. As I write this, the version is: 297042. As new builds are made this link will automatically update.

I suspect most new users are not familiar with these versions. A couple of years age it was common for SL users to be following these pre-release builds. They have been mostly replaced by Release Candidate (RC) Viewers. In other places the pre-release versions would probably be called the nightly builds. They can solve a specific problem. But, they may also have other issues that make them better or worse than the main viewer.

If you are having a problem this version fixes, there is no reason not to try it. But, don’t expect perfection.


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