Second Life News 2014-40 #2


The main channels did get a roll out. It was the package running on the RC channels for the last 2 weeks (38 & 39 or 39 & 40 depending on how you count weeks for rollouts). This was the package with teaks to the Experience Tools project. It also included some bug fixes.

Bryn Oh Exhibit LEA 9 - 2014

Bryn Oh Exhibit LEA 9 – 2014

RC Channels

The RC channels all got the same package. This is a package that fixes a problem unique to the Skill Gaming regions.

Snack Channel

This is a small channel currently devoted to testing the CDN, Content Delivery Network. There are now 28 (?) regions in the channel. One of them is Bare Rose. Others are; Morris, Dore, Ahern, and Bonifacio.

I had not been to Bare Rose in some time. So, I suspected most of the content there was no longer in my cache. I figured it would be a good test of the CDN system. I made a video there to show loading. I’ll get that up once I have time to edit it.

Arriving, I found it would not have made much difference if I had Bare Rose in my cache. The place is decked out for Halloween. There is a female costume titled Soft Serve, that’s an ice cream thing we have in the states. Now is that a suggestive come-on or not?

The Lindens are preceding carefully with implementing the CDN system. There is some concern that it could be overloaded and fall down. The slow progression will give them time to collect useage data and make corrections. So, we are unlikely to see CDN move into an RC channel next week and possibly not for 2 or 3. But things are going well so far. If that continues we are likely to see the pace of adoption pick up.

There are some slots available in the Snack Channel if you want to add your region to the test. I can’t find the project email address, but you can contact Maestro or Oz Linden.

Group Chat

At the Server Beta UG meeting more tests were run on Group Chat. The Lindens were making changes and gathering data on how the changes effected chat performance. I think they are onto some fixes that will help. I don’t know if the ones we were testing will make it out as written for the tests. I ran in to viewer freeze up when entering a busy chat group. I was talking RL and when I entered a group late in the test… I thought I was going to have to restart my viewer. I froze up for 2 or 3 minutes. It seems the freeze was from chat updating the log, which I have written to disk. I expect something to change there.

In any event, work on Group Char is moving forward.


My viewer updated to the RC Viewer 3.7.17 (294943). My guess is this is the next release that will promote to the main viewer (now 3.7.16). I suspect we will see the change in week 41.

RC & Project Viewers

RC Login Viewer version – This is the viewer with the new login screen.

RC Maintenance Viewer version – This is a viewer with fixes and new feature tweaks. You can fin d the list of over a two dozen fixes in the release notes.

Project Benchmark Viewer version – This is the version that does away with the GPU Table in favor of a benchmark test of the graphics card.

Project Experience Tools Viewer version – This is the viewer with the additional features for using the Experience Tools.

Project OculusRift Viewer version – This is the version of the viewer that is being adapted to the Oculus Rift. It does have DK2 support. You can hear it talked about in the Drax Radio Hour Show #38.

Also, worth mentioning is Drax’s World Makers Episode 23.

You’ll find that loz Hyde mentions scale… the size things are built. As we go forward toward more virtual worlds, it will be important to have more of what we build built to proper scale.



3 thoughts on “Second Life News 2014-40 #2

  1. Yes, B@R rezes very fast, even after clearing cache.
    BUT it is not due to CDN as it is not a Snack region:
    You are at 146.6, 12.7, 30.0 in Bare Rose located at (
    SLURL: Rose/147/13/30
    (global coordinates 268,947.0, 258,573.0, 30.0)
    Second Life Server

    As opposed to Brocade:
    You are at 169.2, 173.5, 130.0 in Brocade located at (
    (global coordinates 257,449.0, 263,853.0, 130.0)
    Second Life RC Snack

    • You’re right. I went back and looked at the meeting transcript. B@R is not in Snack… 🙁

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