Alchemy Viewer Release 3.7.14

Sovereign Engineer let me know they have released a new version of the Alchemy Viewer. That put this viewer at version: Alchemy Viewer Beta 3.7.14 – TPV Celebratory Beta. There is a nice write up on the page.

This release comes out with 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac. The 32-bit versions are available too.

This version uses a new font on the UI. It has feature to allow use of legacy profiles, but those panel have been redesigned to conform with the rest of the UI. It includes a region tracker, which I assume lets you track the online status of a region from anywhere in SL.

The download file for Windows is about 33mb. Today’s download was a bit slow. But, I was trying to download about 2:30PM, peak usage time for the Internet in my area.

The 64-bit program installs into: C:\Program Files\AlchemyBeta. The prior 32-bit release installed into: C:\Program Files (x86)\AlchemyBeta. So, I did an uninstall of the 32-bit version, first. Then installed the 64-bit version.

Alchemy 32-bit places its cache here: C:\Users\[Win_Login_ID]\AppData\Local\Alchemy

Alchemy 32-bit places its settings and chat logs in: C:\Users\[Win_Login_ID]\AppData\Roaming\Alchemy

During the uninstall you have a choice to leave or remove these files. It incorrectly states that it and you have made files in the Second Life folder. I think that is just a missed detail.

I left my files in the Alchemy folders. That seems to have worked. The 64-bit version uses the same file locations. That should save me reloading the cache and redoing settings.

The most noticeable difference is the general UI appearance. It is more like the new Windows 8 style with less 3d shading. It looks cleaner.

Some menus are different. I haven’t used it enough to know how different. I do like the look of the UI.

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