Second Life News 2014-35 #2


Thursday we found out what happened to the RC channel rollout that was to happen Wednesday morning. It got postponed to Thursday. The reason was the rollout software hiccupped. By late Wednesday the problem was found and fixed. The rollout proceeded Thursday morning.

For information on the packages rolling out see: Second Life News 2014-34-35.

We did find out the problem fixed by the roll to the main channel had to do with a region crash. Under a special set of circumstances, not that rare to happen, sending a TP to someone would crash the region they were in. 

CDN Coming to World Map

Maestro Linden told us today that they have setup and are testing a CDN, Content Delivery Network, system for delivering the images to the World Map. The system is setup and running on the whole ADITI gird (Preview Grid). No special viewer is needed, any viewer will work. The change is server side.

We have been hearing about the CDN being tested for texture and mesh download. This is a similar type thing.

Maestro posted this in the wiki agenda for the meeting:

Similar to #Texture_And_Mesh_Fetch_Testing above, we are working on using a CDN for world map tile fetching. The world map CDN is now grid-wide on Aditi, for testing. The change is that upon login, the login server gives you a CDN URL for map tiles, rather than the usual Amazon S3 URL. Fetching map tiles from the CDN should be faster, in general, due to geographic proximity of the CDN servers.

You can detect which URL the viewer is using for map tiles by this viewer log message:

INFO: process_login_success_response: map-server-url : we got an answer from the grid :

Is the world map loading for you on Aditi?

You can learn more here: Map API Introduction.


People are seeing a flurry of problems with textures and things not rendering. I saw a Facebook post by Jo Yardley that people were responding to. Check the little thread here: Jo’s vanishing buildings.

If you are running into these problems and can reliably reproduce them, file a bug report in the JIRA.


Nothing has changed since my last update.


Iris Ophelia has posted an article on new World Notes: Does The DMCA Do More Harm Than Good in Second Life? She provides some good statistical information. The question should not be limited to damage just in Second Life.

I am continually amazed that this law remains standing. The basic principal of innocent until proven guilty is turned upside down. If any law were ever in need of being repealed, this is it.


And you do know there is an Ebola outbreak?

Graphed from the UN's W.H.O. Data 8/29/2914

Graphed from the UN’s W.H.O. Data 8/29/2914

Is that curve starting to look exponential?




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