Second Life Xcite!

I think Xcite! genitals are considered the Cadillac of genitals… there are so many ways to think of that… When asked today of they were changing over to fitted mesh Javier Puff answered, “We generally don’t talk about products we haven’t shipped yet, but you will notice that we’ve been moving everything in our store to mesh over time. :)” So, I suppose that is a hint in the direction of a yes answer.


Sarawak – 2014

It should be interesting to see what they do to make nipples and butts work with the new mesh avatar bodies. The new mesh bodies do respond to Avatar Physics when made properly. This means Fitted Mesh nipples could bounce with the breast, something they currently don’t do. I take off the Avatar Physics layer when I add my Xcite! parts. 

The biggest objection to Xcite! recently is the massive script load. It will be interesting to see if they can improve on that issue. Just a few people in a region using Xcite! genitals creates some significant lag. At least that is my belief. While I can’t directly trace the problem to Xcite!, the circumstantial evidence is pretty convincing.

Once upon a time people wore their genitals to dances and other events. It was interesting to press Ctrl-Alt-T to see who was wearing what. I think some people used that discovery to decide who to hit on.

But, that is seldom done now. I know I have an ‘Outfit’ that is the nude me with my Xcite! parts. I a fun HUD that is for taking clothes off playing animations that go with the process. It isn’t the smooth strip that one can do in RL or the passionate ripping off of clothes seen in the movies, but it is the only one I’ve seen in SL. I haven’t looked very hard, so don’t take that as definitive. At some point I change to the nude outfit to easily add the Xcite! parts. If you are watching sim performance you see it take a hard but brief hit as the parts load.

Other genitals have smaller script foot prints. But, they are not as popular nor have I seen them do all the things that Xcite! does. So, I’m still a fan of Xcite! I’m looking forward to what they can do with Fitted Mesh.

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